Monday, March 8, 2010

.....A LOT

So........been a while and there is a good reason..........lots has been talked about in the coffee shop and it got me thinking.

You see a few of my coffee shop friends are looking into open their own business downtown. i got a thinking, well, why don't i look into that?

So i have started and things are looking well. Business plans are hard to figure out.

oh well...........let the fun begin!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

the moon.........

So sittin in the coffee shop this morning and Logan has had 2 revelations

1) the moon is made of moon

2) the moon is round

thats deep

Monday, February 22, 2010


So i have been sitting in the coffee shop streaming some Woman's Olympic curling on the small laptop and and damn do i love this sports. I was watching Great Britain vs Denmark and they put on a great game. It was back and forth and all kinds of mistakes were made. It was amateur curling at it's best, with a stellar finish, even though it was Denmark that won.

Also this afternoon I watched our Canadian mens curling team lead by Kevin Martin continue to dominate the field. they crushed the Americans in 9 ends with a 7-2 victory. Making up for the devastating lose to the Americans in last nights hockey game.

the hockey game......

Yes, last night was the big US/Canada pre-lim hockey game.

What a shitastic game that was.......Brodeur just didn't seem to be on the game, and was for the most part stick handling the puck more than Crosby and the boys. With the games being in Vancouver, Luongo should really be the starter. He knows the ice better than anyone since that is his home arena. That being said, you can't really put ALL the blame on Brodeur, even though we'd like too.

For most of the game Crosby and the boys didn't seem to be fully into the game. Yes i know we got 3 goals out of them, but they seemed to only play well in spurts. Which was the first 5mins of the game and the last 5mins of the game.

Next up Canada has to play the Germans. Now by all accounts this should be an easy game. But they can't take the German's lightly. Sure the German's don't have Kolzig in net this Olympics but that doesn't mean they can't upset the Canadians like the Swiss did in Turin. Look for Marco Sturm to get a least a point against the Canadians since he knows the Canada roster pretty well since he has played against every single one of them. I still think though that Canada will prevail in the end.

But then we got the Russians. I'll touch on that after the Germany game.

So it begins.........

So this morning at 5am my body decides it is time to get up.

I thought this was fitting since this can actually be seen as a new chapter in my life. Recently I have lost a lot of what made my life fun and exciting, and am beginning anew with my career and such.

But I asked myself also lately what do I want to do in this new part of my life, and well right now I just want to sit in my local coffee shop and watch the world go by.