Monday, February 22, 2010

the hockey game......

Yes, last night was the big US/Canada pre-lim hockey game.

What a shitastic game that was.......Brodeur just didn't seem to be on the game, and was for the most part stick handling the puck more than Crosby and the boys. With the games being in Vancouver, Luongo should really be the starter. He knows the ice better than anyone since that is his home arena. That being said, you can't really put ALL the blame on Brodeur, even though we'd like too.

For most of the game Crosby and the boys didn't seem to be fully into the game. Yes i know we got 3 goals out of them, but they seemed to only play well in spurts. Which was the first 5mins of the game and the last 5mins of the game.

Next up Canada has to play the Germans. Now by all accounts this should be an easy game. But they can't take the German's lightly. Sure the German's don't have Kolzig in net this Olympics but that doesn't mean they can't upset the Canadians like the Swiss did in Turin. Look for Marco Sturm to get a least a point against the Canadians since he knows the Canada roster pretty well since he has played against every single one of them. I still think though that Canada will prevail in the end.

But then we got the Russians. I'll touch on that after the Germany game.

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